We offer a range of low-cost, easy-to-use plans

Permanent installation in venues

Permanently installed camera + distribution/streaming software plan (filming equipment, system, and installation work provided)

Custom Quote: Please contact us for a personalized estimate.

Includes installation, maintenance and support services

We provide “Remote Calibration Cameras, with automatic tracking software that can remotely operate the camera’s calibration and continuously deliver free viewpoint and multi-angle videos. The remote calibration camera and automatic tracking camera can be permanently installed in venues and used for various types of shows, allowing for a wide range of media to be captured and distributed.

For Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and event filming

On-Site Filming/ Content Delivery Plan

Custom Quote: Please contact us for a personalized estimate

Includes a Specialized Synchronized Filming App

Since Free-Viewpoint video filming is still an emerging technology, we provide on-site filming services. We deliver local content for technical knowledge-sharing or for PoC (Proof of Concept) purposes. Open content distribution is also available. Up to four pieces of content (4 minutes total) can be delivered for free.

Software Plan (Live content/ archived content streaming distribution available)

Cloud-based Video Streaming Support (SaaS Plan) Monthly cost: $1000~ (Free trial period available)

Please feel free to contact us for a custom plan simulation based on your requirements.

Addressing the corporate need to efficiently stream free viewpoint/multi-angle videos worldwide, our SaaS provides tools to manage the entire process, from shooting to distribution and storage. Traditional methods for freestyle perspective videos require expensive, specialized systems. With SwipeVideo, you can simply drop the recorded video into our system and instantly distribute it from your website. We additionally provide embedded tags for website-based content.


Short-Term Event Streaming Services (Live and Archived Streaming Available)

Cloud Streaming System (By preferred location)

By preferred location Our live streaming software is set to launch in 2024.

Please feel free to contact us for a custom plan simulation based on your requirements.

The Spot Streaming Plan addresses the need for organizations looking to live-stream or archive their events in a unique way. We provide a custom quote based on event details like content to be streamed, filming location, streaming duration, and the number of cameras needed. We partner with various streaming platforms, so we can also stream via your existing platform partnerships.

Our “SV-Commerce” delivery platform-as-a-service ( PaaS for live and archived video streaming)

Our delivery platform + payment gateway  (+ other features including specialized chat, etc.)

Cost: Ticket fees start at 5% ~

Fees may vary depending on the project details. Please inquire for more information.

Filming, distributing and monetizing content can be a hassle. We offer a one-stop solution for filming, ticket sales, and streaming. You can find reference sites here: https://sv-commerce.com/

https://kishidan.sv-commerce.com/ Integration with other platforms is also possible, including:Ticket PiaePlus ・Stagecrowd ・Yoshimoto(FANY) ・Fanplus ・TV Asahi ・Thnmva ・TBS Sports
学校法人 三幸学園

For events and closed-viewing purposes

On-premises plan (filming equipment and systems)

Cost estimate: $30,000 to $20,000 (including maintenance)

We sell an “Instant Filming System” for physical stores and small events, in a dedicated LAN environment. Footage can be viewed in a SwipeVideo format within 1 second after shooting. This system allows filming, data storage, and viewing from start to finish. Equipment can be installed in golf practice facilities, vocational schools, fitness gyms, yoga studios, photo studios, dance schools, etc. App downloads are also available. (The filming system includes an application that enables synchronized shooting.)

アプリダウンロードも可能 ※撮影システムには同期撮影が可能なアプリケーションも含まれています。


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