A brand new viewing experience that allows users all over the world to freely switch point of view

A new generation of free-viewpoint video / distribution system


Swiping allows users to freely control their viewpoint
– a new form of ‘xR’ (a new type of video)





Allowing control over the ideal viewing angle, brings many new use-cases to our technology


Technical training and educational videos
Our technology brings freedom and enhances the learning experience
Perfect for up close technical training and form checking

SwipeVideo is already being used in hairdressing training videos, form checking in sports, and is ideal for ‘How to’ guides. Since these videos can be freely viewed over the web, businesses are able to add e-learning and training capabilities to their offerings. It is also useful to train staff in-house in closed environments in a highly efficient manner.


Move your audience by allowing fans to focus on people
SwipeVideo is ideal for media, entertainment, and fan-related businesses

SwipeVideo is ideal for idol talent groups, music, sports, entertainment, dance where the focus is on ‘people.’ The technology satisfies the needs of fans by opening up the viewing experience to new, never-before-seen angles in a user-controlled manner. Furthermore, music and sports videos are not only enhanced by the technology, they can also significantly increase media propagation.


Sports fans can now enjoy sports in a totally new manner, by giving them control over views and angles

Game analysis, training and technical education can all be enhanced. SwipeVideo is the perfect solution for sports organizations and schools, allowing multi-angle video distribution


SwipeVideo can raise purchases through e-commerce sites
Users can freely change the viewing angle, making this technology ideal for e-commerce businesses

SwipeVideo allows users to freely change viewing angles, making it ideal for apparel and traditional crafts, where one angle is insufficient in conveying the appeal and brand value of the product. By combining this technology with influencers and fashion models, businesses can enhance the promotion and increase sales through their websites.


Events and promotions can bring a new, real-time experience to attendees
It will move hearts, raise attendances and is totally shareable

One of the key features of SwipeVideo is that it is immediately useable after recording, giving customers a new experience. It is perfect for events and sports facilities. As a new experience, it can help to promote and raise awareness as well.


Available at affordable prices, there are plans to fit user needs.

There are currently three different plans to fit many use-cases and user needs

For PoCs and Event Shooting

Professional Photography / Content DeliveryPlan

Content can be delivered immediately after shooting, or uploaded to the cloud using the cloud delivery system. Content can be viewed on a web browser.

Our free viewpoint videos can be viewed on your website

Cloud Delivery

A dedicated system is available to deliver Swipevideo on your own website.

For Private, closed viewing


We have a system that is able to store and play data. (The imaging equipment and synchronized imaging applications are included).

Please contact us for pricing and further details

International and Individual National Patents Approved and Pending

Japan National Patent

  • - International Patent Awarded
  • - Japan National Patent Awarded

United States of America

  • - US Patent Awarded

People’s Republic of China

  • - China Patent Pending

Republic of Korea

  • - Korea patent pending

Despite the difficulty even using a 5G network, SwipeVideo is able to deliver ‘Free Viewpoint Video’ and ‘Multi-Angle Video’ on a web browser and a 4G network, using globally patented technology. Steps are being made to further enhance the user experience under a 5G environment.