The first golf lesson studio in Japan dedicated to free viewpoint video with SwipeVideo permanently installed is OPEN in Jiyugaoka!

(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shinya Shimojo; hereinafter “AMATELUS”) announced that it will provide SwipeVideo, an internationally patented technology for free viewpoint video and multi-angle video, to EIGHT ANGLE, a new golf lesson studio in Jiyugaoka by Mitsuuroko Sports Co. This is the first time in the world that SwipeVideo has been permanently installed in a golf lesson studio and used for online lessons. We hope to contribute to the development of the technical education field, including such practical skills-based lessons, amateur and professional sports, and practical skills at vocational schools.

Free viewpoint video was adopted for international sporting events held in Tokyo in 2021.

The free viewpoint images were only available through TVs, and viewers had no control over viewing angles. SwipeVideo is a service that allows viewers to switch between their favorite angles in a single lightweight stream.

Mitsuuroko Sports Inc. has opened “EIGHT ANGLE,” a golf lesson studio specializing in free-viewpoint video, which allows users to take online lessons while viewing and checking their own golf swing on the free-viewpoint video.

SwipeVideo has transformed free-viewpoint video, which used to be expensive and subject to many system restrictions, into a service that can be easily accessed by the general public, making the experience of viewing feature-rich video more common and enabling anyone to easily use the technology.

We will continue the development of such free viewpoint video venues and solutions. If you are in the golf, baseball, fitness, personal gym, yoga, Pilates, dance, ballet, haircut/nail care, fashion, pet trimming, or cooking industries, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

For further details, please see the press release below.

Press Release by Mitsuuroko Sports

AMATELUS press release

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