Yamaguchi University – Post Operative Closing (Applying Stitches)

Yamaguchi University – Post Operative Closing (Applying Stitches)



Due to the spread of COVID19, we have developed digital contents with “free viewpoint and multi-angle video” that enable users to watch movements from multiple angles and in three dimensions, promoting DX (Digital Transformation) and establishing educational methods suitable for the new normal era, instead of the conventional face-to-face education.


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You can watch the SwipeVideo content of “post-surgery closing” on this page. Please play the video to watch it.


This is a teaching material that allows you to simultaneously view "subjective" and "bird's eye" views from the teacher's perspective and from a 180-degree perspective of the doctor's hands


In the post-operative closing video, the free viewpoint video allows the viewer to watch the doctor’s hand from a 180-degree angle, and by adding the doctor’s viewpoint as an additional angle, we have developed educational materials that allow the viewer to watch and learn from “subjective” as well as “bird’s eye” perspectives.


The “wipe” angle in the upper right corner of the screen is from the teacher’s perspective. Tap the “wipe” angle in the upper right corner of the screen to display the main angle.


You can also set other angles to be displayed as wipe angles by tapping the heart mark in the lower right corner of the screen.



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