TV Asahi (TV Asahi Douga)

TV Asahi (TV Asahi Douga)


A pay-per-view collaboration show titled ‘Choujin Joshi Senshi Garivenger V’ was aired exclusively on the ‘TV Asahi Douga’ platform featuring comedian Eiji Kotouge and V-Tuber Denno Shoujo Siro. This was a world first release of a free viewpoint video featuring virtual characters.

Free Viewpoint SwipeVideo featuring close-up angles of V-Tuber Siro was broadcast exclusively on TV Asahi’s platform

V-tuber Siro’s VR online event used ‘virtual cameras’ to create CG footage used in the specially created SwipeVideo. This was the world’s first SwipeVideo distribution of 3D CG images. This is marked the first time in the world that a viewing experience requiring a VR headset was transformed into content that could be viewed on a web browser. This demonstration showcased the ability for SwipeVideo to scale content to a much wider audience whilst retaining the viewing experience of VR content.

SwipeVideo received praise from Customers of the Event

We received a great deal of praise from paying customers of the event, with a small sample of comments as follows. ‘It was great to be able to follow my favorite V-Tuber,’ ‘Fantastic! It would be amazing if you could do all your events using SwipeVideo,’ ‘I was so happy to be able to see the dancers – amazing product!,’ ‘It was so nice to be able to see angles that you couldn’t see during the initial broadcast,’ and ‘I could watch my favorite V-Tuber all day. It was the best show ever!’

Free viewpoint video made using VR footage

The footage of the VR after-party with fans reflecting on the event was made into a SwipeVideo free viewpoint video.

VR images that can be viewed from the front, at an angle, or even a rear angle

You can enjoy watching 360º video with yourself at the center as well as a 360º video from a bird’s-eye view.


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