Sugawara Gakuen Sendai Sogo Pet College

Sugawara Gakuen Sendai Sogo Pet College


(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinya Shimojo; hereafter “AMATELUS”) has conducted a verification study using SwipeVideo as a digital educational tool for pet trimmers by using free viewpoint video and multi-angle video with the Trimmer Department of the Sendai Sogo Pet College at Sugawara Gakuen Educational Corporation. This is the first time that SwipeVideo has been used to film and distribute pet trimming videos.

Sendai Sogo Pet College is the largest pet-related vocational school in the Tohoku region, opened in 1984, and operates four departments: the Trimmer Department, the Animal Health Nursing Department, the Dog Trainer Department, and the Breeding Management Department. The school boasts a high qualification acquisition rate and a high employment record.

First in the Pet Trimming Industry in Japan! Verification study in improving the state of practical training and students' proficiency during COVID19

SwipeVideo is a great tool for teachers to incorporate advanced IT technology and to consider its broader applications in the future. It also highlights how practical training can be conducted effectively with the added aim of improving each student’s proficiency level. We hope that this study will lead to a further acceleration of DX (Digital Transformation) at Sendai Sogo Pet College, and that the education industry as a whole will develop through the combined use of digital education, which is not affected by physical distance, such as COVID19.


<Details of the Training Exercise>
Camera: Smartphone (iPhone SE)
Number of angles: 21 angles (20 around and 1 directly above)
Content of shooting: Head trimming, limb trimming

Can be used to motivate students to learn through an interactive viewing experience, review remotely, and reflect on the teacher's techniques at their own pace

Sendai Sogo Pet College
Mr. Akira Kato, Vice Principal
Online classes have become an indispensable part of the school operations during COVID19, but most pet-related classes are face-to-face classes that focus on practical training, and we felt that practical training was challenging in all aspects. SwipeVideo is a tool that allows students to learn from various angles and slow playback of techniques that they would not normally be able to watch closely. We also believe that by creating a library of various teaching materials, students will be able to review and prepare for their studies remotely in a meaningful way.


JKC Class B Trimmer License
Class 2 certified pet caretaker
Mr. Kazuya Takahashi, Teacher, Trimming Department
I participated in the filming as an instructor, and it was very innovative for me to be able to check my own trimming techniques objectively in 360 degrees. The viewing experience with SwipeVideo is different from the conventional one-angle camera video, and I felt that it was easy to be motivated to learn and to enjoy the learning experience.


JKC Class C Trimmer License
Class 2 certified pet caretaker
Yui Okabe, Trimming Department Teacher
SwipeVideo uses multiple cameras to capture the entire technique in three dimensions, so I felt as if I was observing the actual technique right in front of my eyes. The ease of use was also very appealing, as no special equipment was used for the filming, all of which was done with a smart phone.


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