Sanko Gakuen

Sanko Gakuen


Sanko Gakuen runs 62 vocational schools across the whole of Japan with approximately 22,000 students enrolled. Students can enroll in a wide variety of fields such as “Sports and Health,” “Medical Office Work,” “Welfare and Childcare,” “Beauty and Bridal,” “Cooking and Confectionery” and others across the country.

SwipeVideo was introduced originally into the sports school to enable viewing in 360°, which solves the problem of lessons to large numbers of students resulting in widely differing viewing spectacles depending on the angle the student is watching from.

The beauty school decided to use SwipeVideo as soon as the decision was taken for their annual beauty contest to be held online.
Beauty contests need to be judged from all angles, and by using SwipeVideo, we hope that the online judging will be fair and the participants will have a more realistic experience.

National distribution of online training materials

Sanko Gakuen (Tokyo Resort & Sports School) create their own content in a purpose built studio via their SwipeVideo Instant System. The contents are distributed nationally throughout their schools in Japan to their students. Free viewpoint SwipeVideos can be created in moments using the on-premise system, and can be viewed within seconds of recording for use during lessons. Content can be uploaded to the Cloud SaaS system for distribution to students across the country. This business use case was picked up and reported nationally by The Nikkei (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) :

Redefining ICT Education through Next-Gen Lessons with increased Input Efficiency

Input efficiency has been increased by allowing students to see angles that were hidden previously even in in-person lessons. Furthermore, video instruction from specialist instructors can now be shared in a rich video format to enrolled students located across the country.


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