You can enjoy the performance “Love from Sambomaster at Yokohama Arena” held on January 9, 2020 from your favorite angle.


The video “Love from Sambomaster at Yokohama Arena SwipeVideo Version,” was streamed as a pay-per-view event.


You can enjoy 6 selected songs including the latest song, “Wasurenai, Wasurenai” and “Hajimatteiku Takamatteiku” from your favorite angle by swiping the screen or selecting your favorite angles.


In addition, the three members’ commentary is also included as an extra soundtrack!


Sambomaster Thanksgiving Event ~Hall & Response~ Live stream of the Tour Finale on SwipeVideo!


The Yokohama Arena concert, which was previously archive streamed via SwipeVideo, allowed you to enjoy multiple angles.


This time, we were able to use SwipeVideo to stream Sambomaster’s concert live.


By swiping (or selecting the screen) from a variety of camera angles, including a camera close-ups of the members and a camera from the stage staff’s point of view, you can watch the live performance from any angle you like.


Many fans were pleased to be able to “rewatch” the live streaming as an archive from angles they may have missed during the live stream.


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