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Live broadcast of the stage performance of the 2.5 dimensional musical “Nintama Rantaro” was streamed using SwipeVideo.

The musical “Nintama Rantaro” Production Committee (hereafter referred to as “Oshinmu Production Committee”) and “Nintama Rantaro” Production Committee (hereafter referred to as “Oshinmu” Production Committee) selected SwipeVideo for a live multi-angle video streaming of the first day of the Tokyo performance of the 11th re-staging of the musical “Nintama: The Frightening Test of Courage” on the “SwipeVideo” website.

This live stream was provided through the distribution platform “SV-Commerce” from April 9.

The Archive Stream (free playback) was a Massive Hit!

We have received many delighted comments from customers.

‘The behind-the-scenes angles are simply divine! So much fun!

“Great backstage angles! You never get to see this kind of stuff!”

“I would seriously pay for SwipeVideo – can you stream more please?”

“SwipeVideo is so amazing! Please make it available on disc!”

We are delighted to have received so many positive comments from our customers.

The "My Best Angle Submission Project" on Twitter was so well received that it doubled the number of tickets sold!

We conducted a project in which viewers were asked to post “My Best Angle” chosen by them while watching SwipeVideo on Twitter.

The hashtags “My Best Angle” and “Nin-Mu” were used in tweets to spread viewers’ favorite moments! The number of tickets sold doubled during the archive streaming period.


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