Kumagaya Higher Technical College

Kumagaya Higher Technical College


SwipeVideo was selected to the Sai-Co-Lo Project, a public-private partnership program organized by the Saitama Prefectural Government. The program involved the creation of SwipeVideo instructional contents at the Kumagaya Higher Technical College.
Technical SwipeVideo content was created in the fields of Automobile Maintenance, Construction and Mechanical Engineering, highlighting practical skills through the use of free viewpoint video.

Turning practical scenes in the classroom into online teaching materials

For the construction course, we were able to create SwipeVideo content that highlighted angles that were normally inaccessible during lessons, thereby adding new value through online learning.

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, SwipeVideo was used to catalog the skills of a specially trained technician and winner of the Saitama Prefecture Award for Excellence in Technical Skills

Mr. Junichi Iwasawa, 71, a specially trained technician (machining) and recipient of Saitama Prefecture’s Award for Excellence in Technical Excellence, is a member of the Mechanical Engineering Department. We created a multi-angle SwipeVideo of Mr Iwasawa in order to capture his specialist skills. Due to the complexity of the tasks, we were able to capture tasks that are difficult to convey in text or words in a three-dimensional video. We have received positive feedback that SwipeVideo can be used as a value-additive teaching tool to help students learn complex skills.


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