Japan Volleyball Association

Japan Volleyball Association


AMATELUS has formed a strategic business alliance with the Japan Volleyball Association to provide innovative video viewing experiences for the 5G era and to provide educational tools in order to improve the technical skills of competitors.



(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinya Shimojo; hereinafter “AMATELUS”) and the Japan Volleyball Association (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Kenji Shimaoka; hereinafter “JVA”) have collaborated to provide an innovative video viewing experience in competitive volleyball by utilizing AMATELUS’ patented free viewpoint video technology “SwipeVideo.”


The purpose of the agreement is to provide and expand innovative video viewing experiences in volleyball, to use SwipeVideo in order to improve the technical skills of volleyball players, and to create and plan new business opportunities utilizing Swipe Video.

Details of the Alliance


JVA participated as a collaboration partner in the “INNOVATION LEAGUE Acceleration(*),” which was implemented by the Sports Agency in collaboration with SPORTS TECH TOKYO from July 2020 to February 2021. AMATELUS was selected for the acceleration program. After conducting a series of demonstration experiments in the 2020/2021 V.LEAGUE and the 2021 Volleyball Men’s National Team Internal Match, AMATELUS has now entered into a strategic business alliance with JVA.


The partnership is expected to be used as a platform for distributing free-viewpoint videos of matches on the web, training videos for form/technique checks, and commemorative photo shoots at events, both in Japan and abroad. Under the current situation where events are being held without spectators and the number of spectators is limited due to COVI19, we see this collaboration providing customers with “a multi-angle viewing experiences,” “viewing experiences as if you were there,” and “viewing experiences from angles that are not usually available.”


The INNOVATION LEAGUE is a program implemented by the Sports Agency in collaboration with SPORTS TECH TOKYO to promote the establishment of open innovation platform for sports. The program consists of the “INNOVATION LEAGUE ACCELERATION” to expand sports business and the “INNOVATION LEAGUE COMPETITION” to award new sports business initiatives. In the “Innovation League Acceleration” program, the finalists will collaborate with the Japan Volleyball Association and 3×3. EXE PREMIER as collaboration partners (organizations collaborating in demonstrations) to demonstrate their technologies and business ideas.





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