Figure Skating Grand Prix Final 2021

Figure Skating Grand Prix Final 2021



World’s First!
Figure Skating Grand Prix Final 2021
Swipe Video & Immersive Audio
will be streamed live on “TV Asahi Douga!”


AMATELUS Co., Ltd., (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shinya Shimojo; hereafter “AMATELUS”) announced today that it will be streaming using globally patented technology, SwipeVideo by AMATELUS and Immersive Audio technology from TV Asahi Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and COO: Keiji Kameyama; hereafter “TV Asahi”). AMATELUS is pleased to announce that the SwipeVideo and Immersive Audio delivery system will be used for the “Figure Skating Grand Prix Final” for the first time in the world for live sports streaming. With this system, viewers will be able to switch between multiple camera angles by simply swiping on their screens and enjoy high-level performances from the world’s top skaters and the battle for the world’s number one spot with the sound of the competition from their preferred viewpoint and the viewpoint of the para-camera image using swipe video.


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Link to ticket sales :


The world's first grouping audio switching for SwipeVideo multi-angle live distribution!

Announcing the release of the new “Grouping Audio Switching” feature


We are pleased to announce the release of a new feature for SwipeVideo, the “Grouping Audio Switching” function.


Previously, SwipeVideo’s live delivery could only employ a single sound source, but we have updated the system to allow for fast switching of sound channel for each camera angle along with the video.


This allows users to switch between video and sound at the same time at multiple locations.



In addition, we have added a “grouping” system for switching audio during live broadcasts.


For example, the system is configured so that the sound from camera 1 to camera 5 at point A can be viewed as a single sound called “A,” and the sound from camera 6 at point B can be viewed as “B.”


The system is configured so that the sounds of 6 to 10 cameras shooting at point B can be viewed as a single sound called “B.” It is now possible to switch between the “A” and “B” sound groupings for live distribution.


This makes it possible to “deliver richer and more accurate information to viewers at higher speeds than ever before, with images and sounds of events happening simultaneously and multiple times at multiple locations” for use in various industries, such as sporting and music events, online lessons in the field of technical education, and more.



Overview of SwipeVideo Stream at Grand Prix Final


Streaming Details


Grand Prix Series Final 2021, one of the three major figure skating competitions along with Olympic Games and World Championships, is a competition to determine the world’s best figure skaters. The Grand Prix Final will be broadcast live from Thursday, December 9 to Sunday, 12, following the Grand Prix Series, on TV Asahi Video. (The bonus videos will be available on Tuesday, December 14).


Ticket information (Tickets for the Grand Prix Final will be on sale from December 2 (Thu.), 5:00 p.m.)


Grand Prix Final 【Multi-Angle Set Ticket】 Go To Event price : 3,200 yen (regular price: 4,000 yen)


Multi-angle stream will be available on the 1st through the 3rd day of the Grand Prix Final. Those who purchase the Multi-Angle Set Ticket will also be able to watch the Grand Prix Final regular transmission from Day 1 to Day 4.


The archives of the multi-angle distribution will be available until 23:59 on December 20 (Mon.).


Grand Prix Final 【Single-Day Ticket】 Go To Event price : 800 yen (regular price: 1,000 yen)
Grand Prix Final 【4day set ticket】 Go To Event price : 2,000 yen (regular price: 2,500 yen)
All-distribution set ticket (excluding NHK Cup) Go To Event price : 6,400 yen (List price: 8,000 yen)


If you purchase the All-Distribution Set Ticket, you will be able to watch the archives of the tournaments whose archive period has ended until 23:59 on Monday, December 20.


Those who purchase the All-Distribution Set ticket will also be able to watch the multi-angle streaming of the Grand Prix Final.


Ticket Sales URL

Grand Prix Final Streaming Schedule


[Regular and multi-angle stream]


Thursday, December 9


14:15 – Junior Pair Short Program

15:15 – Junior Men’s Short Program

16:30 – Junior Women’s Short Program

17:40 – Opening Ceremony

18:30 – Senior Pairs Short Program

19:50 – Senior Men’s Short Program

21:00 – Senior Ice Dance Rhythm Program


Friday, December 10


14:55 – Junior Ice Dance Rhythm

16:15 – Junior Pairs Free Program

17:20 – Junior Women’s Free Program

18:55 – Senior Women’s Short Program

20:10 – Senior Ice Dance Free Program


Saturday, December 11


13:10 – Junior Ice Dance Free Program

14:35 – Junior Men’s Free Program

16:00 – Senior Pairs Free Program

18:30 – Senior Women’s Free Program

19:56 – Senior Men’s Free Program


[Normal Stream]


Sunday, December 12


14:30 – Exhibition



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