Arluis Wedding

Arluis Wedding


A proof of concept (PoC) project was successfully completed using NTT Docomo’s 5G technology. A wedding was broadcast from Guam to Tokyo, Japan using SwipeVideo technology.
This was a successful implementation of 5G broadcasting in cooperation with NTT Docomo Pacific and Arluis Wedding Guam.

An overseas wedding was presented in a rich video format to Japan, solving a problem for friends and family unable to attend.

Couples hosting overseas weddings often face the problem of being unable to invite a lot of people, while guests are also unable to travel in order to attend the event. To help overcome this problem, SwipeVideo is able to offer an enriched viewing experience. Friends and family back home are able to enjoy and experience a treasured moment using free viewpoint technology.


  • 日本日本
  • 米国米国
  • カナダカナダ
  • EUEU
  • イギリスイギリス
  • インドインド
  • オーストラリアオーストラリア
  • 中国中国
  • 韓国韓国
  • イスラエルイスラエル
  • インドネシアインドネシア
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